Dance acts are always known to set the atmosphere, providing the stage with the vibe from beginning to end to keep the show running. However, Western Thaalam’s dancers did a lot more than that.
From the beginning of the show with Bo Shambo’s pure Bharathanatiyam performed by little kids to the end with Synergy’s full blast of dancing to well-known hits from old (let’s not forget those Rahman classics) to new (with an essence of Bollywood along the way), each had its own style and included additional concepts to a standard dance routine, identifying themselves as one of a kind in their own ways.
Be it Unique souls startling the audience with a surprise music act minutes into the dance and singing Naan Sonadhum (from Mayakkam Enna), Mudralaya bringing on a trio of youngsters showing their expertise in Bharathanatyam, or I-Tamil Creations & South Side Records combining the elements of Violin and dance to the instrumental routine in the beginning of their performance, the diversity the audience experienced was endless.
Stereo Beats succeeded in getting our hearts racing and adrenaline pumping with their Gaana sequences while Phoenix Dance Crew presented an adaption to the movie ‘The Hangover’ in the form of numerous dance styles.
Western Thaalam proved this year that it was looking out for all sorts of talented individuals, and reached out as far as Cambridge, pulling in Mirrors Dance Crew to the stage. The crew consisted of young, talented dancers who came together and formed their group to show their love and appreciation towards Michael Jackson; it’s fair to say their performance won’t be forgotten in a hurry.


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