UKTSU will always provide aid in whichever form they can to help the children back home. On this occasion, Visuvamadu School has come forward and asked UKTSU if they could better the lives of their school children by providing them with shoes. If this appears to be an unusual request on behalf of a schoolchild, then think again. The reason being is that the children have to walk a great distance to reach their schools. The surfaces on which they have to walk on are not by any means safe or hygienic; they comprise of rocks, sharp debris and scald the children’s feet from being exposed to the hot climate. A child should in no way have to suffer for his or her simple desire to study!
UKTSU made it their moral obligation to ensure the children of Visuvamadu have shoes to keep them safe and try and ease the number of burdens these poor children face on a day-to-day basis. UKTSU was extremely pleased to hear that the children were very happy on receiving the shoes and told teachers about how much happier their journey to and from school had become. UKTSU has provided over 200 pairs of shoes to those underprivileged children and will endeavour to provide many more.  In the case of the children in the North and East of Sri Lanka, a shoe is not merely footwear – it is a form of physical and mental support!
Written by Ganesh Premkumar

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