Although the war ended in 2009, there are some areas which are still struggling to regain their footing. Almost once a year, we have at least one of our members visiting our home land to gather information on those who need the most help in terms of education. During the Summer of 2012, we were able to focus our help on an area in Oddusuddan.
The people who have been relocated back to their villages after the war still do not have many means of support to rebuild their lives; hardly any resources nor capital to start up any sort of business for their livelihoods. The area does not even have easy access to the most basic essentials such as water and electricity, which many of us cannot even imagine living without. Educational facilities are therefore largely lacking in such regions.
UKTSU sponsored four nurseries within Oddusuddan, in the Mullaitivu district, with tables, chairs and school bags. Mankalapuram Nursery and Ilanchudar Nursery located in Thachchadampan has 21 children and 15 children, respectively. Anbumahal Nursery – Melivanam and Vaikarai Nursery in Manavaalan Padda Murippu has 8 and 11 children, respectively.  They are all located near Mankulam. We were able to provide these facilities to a total of 55 pre-school children in the area.

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