Namma Oor Run 2017 Cause – Punguditivu Team

Our event ‘Namma Oor Run’ marked a special day on the 29th of October 2017 as it united many Tamils of all ages from different oors to come together to fundraise for an important cause project back home (Media scheme center based in Kumulamunai, Mullaitivu).What made it extra special was the level of of support that came along from friends and family of the participants to celebrate a wonderful journey.

As one of the winning team from our UKTSU event last year  ‘ Namma Oor Run 2017 ’, Punguditivu Team were awarded £2000 to support a small cause project in their own district back home as part of the reward for their tremendous effort. 25% of the total fundraised amount for the main event cause was allocated towards the team’s chosen project back home.  Pungudutivu team decided to use the funds to help underprivileged children from a local school in Punguditivu district, Punguditivu Maha Vidhyalam, by providing them bikes to travel to school.

The children have been selected by the school based on those who have difficulty traveling to and from the school. The cause money was used to purchase 15 bikes for selected students aged 12-18 in order to facilitate their travelling to school; mainly for those who have to walk long difficult distances . We would like to say a massive thank you to Pungudutivu team for their massive support last year and for successfully executing the project.


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