On Saturday, 14th June 2014, Nalamthana took place – a health awareness event that covered the issues of stress, anxiety, depression and post-natal depression.

“The talks were very informative and useful for all”

The event was organised by members of UKTSU, coordinated by Dr Gayathriy Santhikumaran and hosted by Dr Thilagesh Rasaiya. Given the purpose of the event covered some very sensitive issues; it was a very courageous step, but nonetheless a very important step, to address mental health awareness in the Tamil community.

“We are proud to see youth helping our community in any way possible”

Five guest speakers attended the event with engaging and informative talks, all covering various aspects of mental health, which provided a very unique depth to the whole occasion. We had Dr Lingeswaran (Psychiatrist), Dr Puvinanthan (General Practioner), Mrs Chandragopal (specialist nurse), and Guru Shanker from the Brahma Kumaris organisation talk about the importance of mental wellbeing and how to address these issues.

“We hope to attend more events like this in the future”

We were also grateful to have one particular speaker, Mrs Balamani (volunteer at MIND – mental health organisation) bravely talk about her own personal experience with mental health.

“The most moving part of the Nalamthaana event was hearing a Tamil woman tell us her struggles in living with a husband with mental health problems”

We were grateful for her courageous account of her experience with mental health and how this had affected her family. It was an emotional account; however it highlighted how vital it is to spread awareness of the issue. Mrs Balamani thanked us for providing her with a platform to discuss mental health and stated that it was very “therapeutic” for her.

“I am so pleased that we were able to support this event and that Mrs Balamani was able to attend. It is good to hear that her presentation made a huge impact to her community, hopefully this will contribute towards the way people think and respond to mental health.” – MIND

Thank you to the guest speakers and to the audience for their presence and contribution to the event. Many people from the Tamil community attended the event and we were able to get positive and useful feedback in the form of surveys and comments from the audience.

“The talk delivered excellent information for the Tamil people regarding mental health! Very well done UKTSU!”



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