As part of their initiative for Thai Pongal 2015 London Met Tamil Society decided they wanted to contribute towards the education of fellow students back home. This great initiative by UK Tamil students began with the aim of funding tuition for students. But through ongoing research and collaboration with student representatives in Mullaitivu (NE Sri-Lanka), in collaboration with UKTSU the funds were committed to providing musical instruments to students at the Mullaitivu/Vattappalai Maha Vidiyala.
During a visit last year by UKTSU representatives to the region we met with a focus group of students in the region, and one thing they asked us for was musical instruments – so thanks to the success of London Met Tamil Society over the last year they were able to help realize the ambitions of those students back home.
Students gathered together to receive the musical instruments which were received by Principal Yogeswaran, teachers Mrs. Shanthi Kamalakanthan, MR. Regis Kumar, Mrs. Verney Matilda and student representative Thipiskumar. All the students will benefit from these instruments both for curricula and extra-curricular activities.
UKTSU’s goal to unite students here in the UK and back home and build that bridge to ensure our connection to our people is never lost is being achieved with every project and initiative such as this. Hence, we would like to thank London Met Tamil Society, on behalf of the students in Mullaitivu, for an amazing achievement and look forward to completing many more.

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