This project was a workshop for three days in Jaffna for children between the ages of 12 and 18 years, ran by 2 members from UKTSU during the Summer of 2012. The children were originally from Mullaitivu and had either lost one or both of their parents. The workshop was in the form of a get-away camp making it an enjoyable learning experience for the children who are only used to a routine life involving just school, tuitions and chores.
The workshop consisted of many motivational games and activities to help increase self-esteem and self-confidence. We started the workshop with an introduction of the individuals and their ambitions. During the course of the workshop, one of the tasks was for the children to realise the necessary steps they must undertake in order to achieve their ambitions. They were shown how to identify this by getting them to write down their then daily routine and adding on an extra few steps to their routine that could take them closer to their ambition. They also learned to balance their life with studies, chores and hobbies and set goals.
One of the activities helped each of the children recognise their strengths, weaknesses and ways to make their weaknesses into strengths. Many team building activities were also carried out to highlight the importance of communication and the need to help each other. The workshop also incorporated many games and competitions where the winning teams were awarded treats. We focused mainly on encouraging them to be ambitious, building their self-confidence and creating a sense of self-awareness. These we found were key aspects that needed addressing in the case of those who have been affected by the war environment.
Financial support aside, this was one of the first projects where we were there for them morally; providing motivation and inspiration to work towards achieving greater things in life. We hope to have instilled a sense of hope and faith that will lead them to work towards their goals.

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