The Mannar Orphanage is UKTSU’s long-term project, since 2007. Up to 6 UKTSU members have visited the Orphanage over the years and have provided additional support other than the annual instalments to enhance these children’s lives and their experiences. We have met so many talented youth here who have the potential to shine if we can afford to give them the opportunities. If you’d like to sponsor a child or make a one-off donation, please contact us and we’ll be very happy to advice you on how you can contribute to their betterment.
With your help thus far, we have been able to provide the children with food, counselling services, clothes, tuition fees, healthcare and sanitation, maintenance of their shelter, travelling expenses to and from schools, life skills workshops and salaries for domestic staff. It couldn’t have been done without your support, so, THANK YOU! The importance of stability of the provisions however, cannot be stressed enough, and your CONTINUED SUPPORT is essential so that we can continue to deliver these opportunities and services.
During a recent visit in Summer 2012, our members were able to speak with the girls directly to gain an insight as to what they want out of the life they now live. Terrible tragedies aside, they still have passionate ambitions of becoming teachers, doctors, lawyers and helping others as they have been helped themselves, which is great. The kids have come so far and you can feel proud that you’ve helped to ensure that progress.

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