Tamil New Year is a time for new beginnings. As a newly formed Tamil society in Kingston we aimed to bring happiness to those who are less fortunate to celebrate this occasion with us. Our goal was to introduce ourselves to the children at the Mannar orphanage so they knew they had someone looking out for them in the UK, as well as surprising them with gifts.

With the help of UKTSU we worked with Fr. Jeyabalan in Manaar to provide New Year gifts to children who had been affected by the war and tsunami. After receiving details about each child and a little info about their backgrounds, we were each assigned a child. Using the details we got gifts appropriate to our child. Meanwhile we recorded a video introducing ourselves and wishing the children a very happy Tamil New Year, so they could put names to the faces, making the project more personal. Each person also wrote a small note to his or her child. A few weeks later the gifts had arrived safely. The father contacted and informed us that the children were surprised and very excited about the gifts.


Overall this was a very successful first project for our brand new Tamil society at Kingston University. Without the help of everyone in Kingston Tamil Society that took part plus UKTSU this project would never have become a reality. We are eternally grateful for the help and glad we could make a small difference to the lives of these children. Hopefully as a society we can continue to bring joy to more children back home.


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