Thank you to everyone that came to our DIWALI EVENT 2015, from our awesome society members, to all members of the university! It was definitely a memorable night to say the least!
Shoutout to a few of our amazing guests Krrishna, Piri Musiq and Kutti Hari they killed it and made the night even more special! Obviously not forgetting Bee Sounds who hosted the event as well as ripping up the tunes come the dance floor!
We would also like to thank our very own acts, who went in just as hard as the amazing guests. We would like to thank, Thamilini Menan (Singer), Julia Chan (Dancer), Shinmayan Ahtheesan (Singer), Aarthy Satha (Singer) for all your superb contributions to the show! It’s good to see that ARUTS has some banging talent under its hood!
The superb Photography was delivered by Klikz and we would just like to say a big thanks to them too, for coming down and doing all the pictures and video for us! We would also like to thank Ruben and co for their help with decorations, especially the Kolam, which looked stunning!
Finally, I would like to thank everyone who worked their socks of for this event to happen and happen successfully! Some names I want to put out there are Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union and Caroline, who helped with the finances and spent countless hours trying to make sure the event worked and went smoothly! Another big name is UKTSU who helped us with obtaining useful links, who were key to the event! Another huge name who are always ready to help at Anglia Ruskin Uni but never get the credit they deserve are Audio And Music Technology Society Cambridge, who helped make this event, the event it was. They did more than just help with the sounds… they helped with lights, setting up the stage, sorting the venue out, helped packing up, so a HUGE shoutout to you guys!!
We as a committee are also thankful for everyone else who helped make this event as big of a success as it was! Till next year eh?


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