London Met Tamil Society hosted its first ever Indoor Cricket Tournament yesterday. Firstly, we would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters. Thank you to the following teams for participating in the event: Kingston University, Croydon College, Anglia Ruskin University, Kings College and Essex University.
LMTS was also happy to see supporters from Westminster University and City University. Everyone who attended gave their full contribution to making this tournament a successful one. With the money raised going to UKTSU, we are glad that the event was not only fun but purposeful as well.
We hope to continue organizing events like this in the years to come and endeavoring to make them better. Thanks again to all the people that turned up and made this event stand out. We want to congratulate: Clement for the best batsmen award, Abdul for the best bowler award, the home team (LMTS) for runners up and Croydon College for winning the cup and the £100 prize money.


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