Careers Network 2018

United Kingdom Tamil Students Union (UKTSU), in collaboration with City University Tamil Society, successfully hosted a Careers Networking event on the 5th of April 2018 at City University. This event was aimed exclusively to provide networking opportunities for students and graduates.


Targeted at all students and graduates, the Careers Networking event focused on giving  aspiring young people an insight into the world of business and help maximize their opportunities for a prosperous career by connecting them with established professionals from various fields. It also provided attendees with insights into various career routes available and how to increase their skill sets for a successful career.  Over 31 professionals from 10 different fields attended the event to provide general advice and discuss the type of skills and experience desired for their careers. In addition to guidance on how to successfully secure work placements on competitive internships and graduate programmes in the UK, CV checks were also performed by GoCode Academy to help students understand how to improve their prospects when applying for jobs. Representatives from various industries included Finance, Consultancy, Engineering, Healthcare, IT, Law, Media, Real Estate and Teaching.


The panelists on the day included Ashanti Omkar-  BBC Asian Network, Robert Rajeswaran – CEO and founder of GoCode Academy and Dr Mayooran Shanmuganthan -Cardiology Registrar; all of which had many interesting personal experiences to share in the evening. The professionals drew to attention the significance of social presence on LinkedIn, networking and building your profile at an early stage. In addition to enrolling in volunteering, internship and mentoring clubs, such as Prince’s Trust, Mentoring Plus and ReachOut, to attain marketable experience and improve employability.


Ashanti Omkar shared her experience of changing careers, the difficulties and disapproval she initially faced as a newcomer in media. She received criticism from others in regards to her choice of studying IT at university and from those who disapproved of the media industry as a career path.


Robert Rajeswaran highlighted the relevance of networking, passion and hardwork in entrepreneurship. During his degree, he undertook various internships and attended numerous networking events to build his experience and profile. Robert’s career is an example to many that it is natural to not have a predetermined plan when you graduate and with hardwork you can achieve your ambition, regardless of cynics and self-doubt.


Dr Mayooran Shanmuganthan emphasised the importance of compassion, communication and dedication in the clinical practice of medicine and research. He believes medicine is about enabling fellow human beings to live as healthily and disease-free as possible. Dr. Mayooran’s career illustrates to many that despite the difficulties within the NHS, medicine is an evolving art that is extremely rewarding and balance of work and social life is possible.


UKTSU’s Careers Networking event commenced with a heartfelt welcome and the ethos of UKTSU, followed by inspirational speeches from the panelists. The essentiality of mentoring and networking, finding mentors and ways in which to approach them, was highlighted by UKTSU. This was then followed by the opportunity for students to meet, converse and network with professionals from varying career fields. The event then concluded with an interactive open discussion between professionals & panelists and members of the audience where the professionals and panelists imparted their knowledge and responded to student queries regarding their personal experience in their respective career fields.


“Our main focus is to provide networking opportunities for young Tamils by connecting them with established professionals in their chosen field’, said Sarmini Kugananthavel, one of the UKTSU Careers Event Coordinator.  “This will be greatly beneficial for young Tamils and improve their understanding and perception of their dream job”.


What are our goals?

 · Young people looking to enter a particular industry can discuss the skills and experience they expect

· To help students and graduates understand and develop the necessary skills to equip them for whatever career path they choose

· Advise on how to secure places on some of the most rewarding and competitive internship and graduate programs in the UK

What is the message?

· Importance of choosing the right subjects at university

· Learning through your own community

· Opening doors to different opportunities and careers paths available

What happened during the event?

The event focused on career opportunities as well as introducing key concepts and importance of networking and having a mentor.

  • Registration
  • Welcome speech
  • Open stalls and meeting the Professionals
  • Panel session with our chief guests (Q&A)
  • Networking with the Professionals
Fields covered:

· Accountancy, Finance and Banking

· Consulting

· Engineering

· Healthcare, Science and Research

· HR 

· Technology 

· Law Management, Policing and Business 

· Media, Journalism and Publishing

· Real Estate

· Teaching






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