Armed with an informative presentation and determined minds, two Junior Doctors found themselves in a high school in Harrow with one purpose; to help students fulfil their career aspirations. Let’s face it, not every student has an older brother/sister/cousin/aunty/uncle to ask for advice and most of the time it’s difficult for students to gain access to successful and informed people in their field of interest. This is where UKTSU’s newly launched Careers Development Scheme aims to assist.

The first school visited during the launch of the new scheme was Rooks Heath High School. The visit consisted of speaking with A-Level students about potential careers in Medicine. We conducted an in-depth talk on the requirements for a career in the field. We also provided information on exam technique, UCAS procedure, access to courses abroad, career progression and much more. In addition to this, we also provided first-hand knowledge and experience communicated through successful professionals already working in the field. The feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive; mostly because it provided them with expertise and insight they may not have otherwise have had access to.


But don’t fret, we know that Medicine isn’t the only field students want to know about! The aim of the Careers Development Scheme is to eventually roll out talks on a huge variety of career subjects to schools all over England. We want to help artists flourish, musicians hit the right note, athletes find their footing…you know what we mean. Whatever aspiration a student has, we want to make sure they achieve it! So keep an eye out for the UKTSU team at a school near you, where we’ll be making sure the Careers Development Scheme is a reliable, informative and approachable resource to aid students with their goals.

Written by Arthy Baheerathan

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