The annual educational quiz competition took place for a 3rd time since its conception in 2007, with the first rounds happening in May/June at different parts of London, and the grand final on Saturday 23rd July at the Sivayogam Temple, Tooting.

This year saw the introduction of a third age group thus participants belonged to Under 10s, Under 12s or Under 14s. Over 200 young Tamil students took part in this competition and only 20 children from each age category made it through to the final showdown which was a stage show involving various rounds; memory round using videos, activities round with anagrams, countdown, non-verbal reasoning to making the tallest tower out of nothing but newspapers.

The latter happened to be very amusing for the audience but challenging for the participants but it was indeed exciting!


★★★ WINNERS OF BBP 2011 ★★★

➤ Under 10s

  1. Darsikun Kumararajan
  2. Arunan Varatharasan
  3. Joell Rosil

➤ Under 12s

  1. Mary Serena Chandrabose
  2. Piranavan
  3. Janani Rajasekaran

➤ Under 14s

  1. Chowmi Eswarakumar
  2. Manoj Surendrabalakumar
  3. Vithushan Canathas

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