The Grand Final of Britain’s Brainiest Pillai 2008 was a fitting end to an impressive contest that had seen over 200 children cut down to 1 winner, in each age group. A total of 30 children in each age group made it through to the final which was an achievement in itself given that there were over 250 entrants at the initial stages.
The 1st round was innovative, and involved the contestants being split into groups and questioned on a range of subjects, writing their answers on whiteboards. It was tense and very close, but only 10 contestants made it through to the next round.
The 2nd round was even more on the edge as the contestants were paired up and went head to head against each other, in a gruelling buzzer round. It went right down to the wire, as half the contestants were eliminated again, leaving 5 to progress through to the last round.
The final round was the most demanding of them all as the final 5 contestants had to work their way across 5 steps to be crowned Britain’s Brainiest Pillai of the year. It was extremely tough, with some tremendously close calls and nerve wrecking tie breakers, but the winners for each group eventually emerged. Each of the rounds was interlaced with lively performances.

★★★ WINNERS OF BBP 2008 ★★★

➤ Under 12s

  1. Prathapan Sivakumar
  2. Kaushaliya Selvarajah
  3. Vinujaa Premkumar

➤ Under 14s

  1. Prasanthy Kajendran
  2. Niran Yoganayagan
  3. Chenthujaa Murugiah

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