Annual Charity Gala Decennium : 2016

This year UKTSU will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in style with our annual charity gala event on the 10th December at Nakshatara Hall, Feltham.

On the 12th Dec 2006, UKTSU was officially registered by a team of 6 students and a decade on we are proud to say UKTSU has had over a hundred students and graduates work as part of our organisation to achieve and build our vision.

A decade on and not only are we looking back to where we started and celebrate our achievements but we are making plans for the future so the next generation of Tamils can continue our vision and stay united.
Overcoming the many challenges and obstacles, the hard work and determination of all our members and supporters has made us stronger – evident from the success of our  Western Thaalam Decennium show in February. We brought together over 1600 Tamils to celebrate the talents of our Tamil youth and UKTSU and as a loyal supporter we will be contacting you personally to join us in celebrating our official 10th anniversary on 10th Dec 2016.

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we are hosting an elegance gala dinner and dance at Nakshatra Hall, Feltham on the 10th December 2016. The event will not only be a fundraiser for the launch of UKTSU’s media centre Scheme in Mullaitheevu (one of the areas devastated by the civil war in 2009) – directly benefitting over 700 Tamil students but it’s an excellent opportunity to meet and network with Tamil professionals, business entrepreneurs and graduates in all sectors.We hope to raise more funds towards our the media centre scheme in Kummanamulai.

Please save the date and we hope you can join us and like minded individuals in our quest to take our vision to the next level.

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