We’re students & graduates working to provide educational support for underprivileged young children who reside in the North East of Sri Lanka.  As much as our efforts will be directed to the needs of those in need, as a student union, we equally strive to provide opportunities, advice and help that allow Tamil students in the UK to meet their aspirations.

UKTSU-Who we are



UKTSU-What we are doing
Our strength comes from the many students based in the UK who get involved with our events and causes. Together we are aiming to build a strong foundation and network for students here in the UK to support each other in reaching greater heights as well as the underprivileged children in North and East Sri Lanka through our contacts on the ground. These children have suffered from many years of war, torture and natural disaster. In addition to having lost their family and friends, many children have been estranged from their homes and relatives, and forced to integrate into new communities with strangers whilst some still live in refugee camps.


These children are the innocent victims of the tragedies that have affected the region but they are the future, which is why we feel their education and well-being is the most fundamental aspect we need to support.


UKTSU-Helping Students in North and East Sri Lanka


Our projects back home include long-term ventures such as providing regular financial support for Mannar Orphanage as well as frequent short-term projects that range from providing financial support for educational resources, motivational seminars and networking projects where students communicate with UK students to learn from each other.

Since 2006, we have completed many projects abroad and in the UK, and currently have many more planned to support our existing students as well as more children who need our support.


UKTSU-Helping Students in the UK


We believe that as a society we can help each other fulfil our potentials and that together we can achieve far greater good than standing alone and this is why our organisation is built around the students and youth volunteers that make us.

To date, UKTSU has been involved in setting up Tamil societies in UK universities including Queen Mary, Cambridge, King’s College and UCL to name a few – with the aim of forming strong links between them, and we have supported many university societies with their events – providing guidance, support, manpower and resources so that together we can learn and raise money towards our goals of supporting those who are less fortunate than ourselves.